Make the Barn Door Hardware Combo Part of Your Next New Home!

“Close that door! Were you born in a barn?” Have you heard this said to you when you were growing up? Kids tend not to close the doors when going in or out and adults are constantly saying this phrase to their kids. The barn has always been thought of as a place for animals to sleep-not humans. However, this concept is changing as the trend is going towards barn inspired homes and other buildings, like restaurants and hotels. A barn shaped home can look classy with the right hardware and doors, as well as the other accessories. You can find great barn doors and hardware from any reputable company, but especially from us. Here are some examples of what you can find when you shop with us.

Nylon Hardware and Stained Door Combo

Stained doors work well in either exterior or interior applications, as well as the nylon hardware. You can use stained doors with a variety of colors and finishes, and it still looks good. The nylon hardware is durable enough to last in any application, as well as quiet enough to use in a nursery or library. It can also work with many colors or finishes and still look classy enough for classic looks or rustic enough to fit in a rustic setting. If you put nylon hardware with other types of doors, you can create a very different look altogether for the design that you are looking for.

Bypass Hardware and Red Door Combo

Bypass hardware allows you to have three different doors in the same space, yet save space. Since the hardware is a dark-brown color, they would go well with our red barn door. You can use this combo in applications where there is a large space that does not lend itself well to traditional doors or frames. One reason you may want to use this barn door hardware combo is that you may have a large space that could use up to three doors at one time, but you do not want to have a bulky door entrance or a lot of walls. This is the perfect solution-just attach the hardware on the ceiling and doors, and you are done!

Industrial Hardware and Clear Coat Door Combo

An industrial hardware look goes well with our clear coat barn doors in many settings, including a clean and modern home theme. You can choose from several colors to match the d├ęcor of your rooms, or even the colors of the exterior of your home. The clear coat finish on the barn door matches well with the industrial hardware, because the wood is left in its natural state that creates a classic, yet modern look. Industrial flat tracks are heavy duty and can hold doors weighing up to 500 pounds! You can even use this hardware with steel or glass doors-creating any type of look you want.

New Home Design

When designing your home, you want to make sure you create a space that you are happy and comfortable in for years to come. While you may not want a traditional barn-like home, you can still incorporate sliding doors with our barn door hardware combo sets. Hanging doors take up less space, are quieter and take more abuse than traditional doors found in many houses and apartments today. A barn could be fun to design or live in, but there are many more applications that you can use a barn door hardware combo in besides a barn. Take time to use your imagination, and you may find that you will come up with a completely different home in the end.

A Look at Victorian Door Hardware

The Victorian era saw an age of highly ornamental architecture and decorative crafts. It was a time of industrial excitement, where the advent of the factory and the mechanized assembly line made it possible for the first time for burgeoning middle class to purchase affordable and highly fanciful products, hardware, and artisanal decorations for their homes.

But even though Queen Victoria’s reign began in 1837 and the era of decorative arts that takes her name began soon after, it didn’t take full hold in the United States until the later part of the

19th century, and even then, it was a mix of the highly ornate Victorian ideal and the American tradition of simple, utilitarian hardware.

Previous Door Accessories Before Style

Door hardware is an interesting lens through which to look at Victorian decorative styles. Before Victorian aesthetics became popular in America, door handles and decoration was for the most part utilitarian. The well-to-do had more ornate decorative door designs, but it was restrained in its fancifulness compared to the Victorian styles. Door knobs and other pieces of door hardware were made out of usually a single type of material, be it bronze, silver, brass or even glass or polished wood, and the designs were symmetrical and not nearly as ornate.

Victorian Door Hardware

Victorian decoration is, like much of the hardware of the time, a fairly decent reflection of the overarching style elements of Victorian architecture and interior design. The design aesthetics emphasized ornamentation, orderliness and asymmetry. Furthermore, bare rooms, and bare space in general, was considered to be poor taste. Ideally, homeowners and designers filled every surface with objects and designs that were meant to reflect the owner’s interests and worldliness.

Also, Victorian style was not so much a style as a conglomeration of past styles that had fanciful decorative qualities. The style, in other words, was an aesthetic of ornamentation and orderliness that consciously made use of past decorative styles to come up with a new look. Which is why there is so much variation in Victorian design and architecture. You’ll see in many older homes, elements of Gothic, Tudor, Neoclassical, Elizabethan, and Rococo styles.

The door knobs and handles of the era was thus also a conglomeration of different styles with an emphasis on high ornamentation. Door handles, knobs and backplates had minimal empty space and intricately designed carvings and inscriptions of varying revival styles. Door ornaments were not just made out of single materials, but adorned with inlaid metal and precious stone designs.